Saturday, April 21, 2012

POLL RESULTS: What are the top 5 world issues to you?

The poll has recently closed. It seems the most serious problems of today's world are unemployment and war/violence.

The least important, in your opinion, is the violence of human rights.

Since the problem of unemployment has won this poll, let me present you a short conversation related to working...

A: Hi Jim! You look worn out (wykończony). Is everything fine?
B: I’ve been burning the candle at both ends (rujnuje swoje zdrowie). My boss is a real slave driver (poganiacz niewolników) and has been piling on (zarzucać) a lot of work. I still can't get used to
getting up at 5.30 every day and I usually turn in (kłaść się spać) at 1:30 am at the earliest.
A: It doesn't sound good. I do hope you’re well paid for your O.T. (godziny ponadwymiarowe)
B: Well, I do get some money for it but I can't say I am am gaining a pretty penny (dobrze zarabiać). Everyone is has been keeping their noses to the grindstone lately (ciężko tyrać). Despite of that everyone in the office feels that the big kahuna (szef) will probably make people redundant (zwolni ludzi).
A: You’ve been working there for a long time, haven't you? Don't you exaggerate in thinking that your position is in jeopardy (zagrożony)?
B: Well, we'll see what happens when all the dust settles (jak będzie po pwszystkim) and things get back to normal. Then I'll ask the number one (szef) for a raise (podwyżka).
A: Good luck then! I do hope to see you in better condition, not with those bags under your eyes (wory pod oczami).
B: Thanks buddy. I hope things will ease up (poprawić się) soon.
A: I'll keep my fingers crossed (trzymać kciuki) for you!

Hey! I've got a question... What do you think the major causes of unemployment are?

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