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MATURA USTNA Z ANGIELSKIEGO 2012 - Zadanie 1 - Przykładowa rozmowa - DOM

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Egzamin maturalny z języka angielskiego
Zadanie 1
Time: 3 minutes
Preparation: 30 seconds

Let’s start with Task 1. Read the task. You have about half a minute for that. Then we’ll start.
Can we start now?
[Rozmowę rozpoczyna egzaminujący.]

      Egzaminator: Hi Gosia! Do you remember that I'm coming over (przyjeżdżam) to your place next week?
Zdający: Sure! I am really looking forward to your visit (naprawdę nie mogę się doczekać twojej wizyty)! My town has over fifty thousand inhabitants (mieszkańcy) so it's not very big. It is located in the northeastern part of Poland, in an area that is often referred to as 'the green lungs (płuca) of Poland'. 
Egzaminator: Wow! Sounds fantastic as for a person who is coming from San Diego! 
Zdający: Great! In spite of the fact (Pomimo faktu, że) there are not so many tourist attractions (atrakcje turystyczne), I am sure you'll be able to enjoy the greenery (zieleń) and tranquility (spokój) of the area. Of course, we can go sightseeing (iść zwiedzać) and I can show you a few neighboring towns and villages which are full of local folklore (folklor) and hospitality (gościnność)
Egzaminator: Oh, I have a feeling (mam przeczucie) it's going to be one of the best trips I have made so far!
Zdający: I am sure you won't regret (żałować) it!

      Egzaminator: How will we be moving around (poruszać się)?
      Zdający: Well, I guess that we'll have to rely on (polegać na) my own car as (ponieważ) our buses tend to be (mają tendencję być) overcrowded (zatłoczone) and there are no trains. Taxis, on the other hand (z drugiej strony), are expensive. Moreover, traveling by car will be more comfortable and convenient. 
      Egzaminator: I see. Looks like we're going to have a perfect time together!
      Zdający: Not exactly. One of the problems we may have is weather. It is rather cold here now and it rains on and off (z przerwami), which may affect (wpływać na) our plans a bit. The other problem we might encounter (doświadczyć) is lack of safety (brak bezpieczeństwa). I mean, if we were (gdybyśmy mieli) to explore (badać) the town at night, we should be more careful as we may meet a few young people who are intoxicated (pod wpływem alkoholu) and often aggressive. But let's be positive. :)
      Egzaminator: Well, I don't think it is just the problem of your own town. We'll manage (Damy radę), don't worry. See you next week then!
Zdający: Bye! Hope to see you next week then!

Thank you.
Let’s move to Task 2.

Jeśli masz jakieś komentarze, uwagi, pytania lub sugestie do zaproponowanych przykładów rozmów na egzamin, czekam na nie z niecierpliwością i służę pomocą :) HTH Talk soon!

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