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MATURA USTNA Z ANGIELSKIEGO 2012 - Zadanie 1 - Przykładowa rozmowa - SZKOŁA

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Egzamin maturalny z języka angielskiego
Zadanie 1
Time: 3 minutes
Preparation: 30 seconds

Let’s start with Task 1. Read the task. You have about half a minute for that. Then we’ll start.
Can we start now?
[Rozmowę rozpoczyna egzaminujący.]
Egzaminator: Hi. My name's Peter. I am new here. Can you tell me more about this language course (kurs językowy) please?
Zdający: Hi Peter. Nice to meet you. I guess the first thing you should know is our timetable (plan zajęć). We have classes every day from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 3 pm. Each lesson lasts (trwa) 90 minutes.
  Egzaminator: I see. What about teachers?  
  Zdający: Oh, teachers are just perfect. Each day we have a lesson with a new one. All of them are native speakers of English and they come from different parts of the world. On Mondays it is Kevin from LA, California, on Tuesdays it's Helen from England, on Wednesdays it's Ken from South Africa, on Thursdays it's Monica from Scotland and on Fridays it's Patrick from Ireland. Quite a nice variety (różnorodność), don't you think? 
      Egzaminator: Cool. But is it really good that classes are held (zajęcia są prowadzone) by so many different teachers? I don't think it's good for your learning. Each teacher has his/her own way of running their classes (prowadzenia swoich zajęć). Don't you have a feeling that these classes are a bit chaotic (chaotyczne)?

      Zdający: No, not at all. All lessons are perfectly organized and harmonized as the teacher who is to hold (ma poprowadzić) a class the next day knows exactly where the previous teacher had left it so classes go smoothly (idą gładko). Besides, each day you see a new person so lessons are never boring.  
      Egzaminator: Well, maybe you're right. We'll see how it's going to work in practice.
      Zdający: I think, you also need to know a few other things...
      Egzaminator: Yes?
      Zdający: If you are interested, there are many extracurricular classes (zajęcia dodatkowe) you can join. You can join one or more of the clubs the school offers, e.g. a sports club, a film club or a military club. There are many more, but I don't remember all of them. You'll have to go and read about them on the notice board (tablica informacyjna) at the entrance (przy wejściu).  
      Egzaminator: OK, thank you very much for this information. Do you think there's anything else I need to know?
      Zdający: Well, maybe just that you must not skip (opuścić) more than 10 per cent of all classes. When you do, you will have to buy some extra hours (dodatkowe godziny) to complete the course and take the final exam (podejść do egzaminu końcowego).
     Egzaminator: I do appreciate (doceniam) your help. Thank you very much.

Thank you.
Let’s move to Task 2.

Jeśli masz jakieś komentarze, uwagi, pytania lub sugestie do zaproponowanych przykładów rozmów na egzamin, czekam na nie z niecierpliwością i służę pomocą :) HTH Talk soon!

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