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MATURA USTNA Z ANGIELSKIEGO 2012 - Zadanie 1 - Przykładowa rozmowa - KULTURA

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Egzamin maturalny z języka angielskiego
Zadanie 1
Time: 3 minutes
Preparation: 30 seconds

Let’s start with Task 1. Read the task. You have about half a minute for that. Then we’ll start.

Can we start now?
[Rozmowę rozpoczyna zdający.]
Zdający: Hi Mark! If you have a minute or so we could talk a bit about our outing to the cinema tomorrow.
Egzaminator: Sure. Let's discuss all the details.
Zdający: Right. So tell me what type of movie (typ filmu) would you be most interested in and what actors are of most interest to you. I myself like comedies and would just love to spend that time unwinding (odprężyć) myself a bit. What do you reckon? (Co o tym sądzisz?) 
Egzaminator: Well, to be honest I don't really have my favorite type of film. As for actors (Jeśli chodzi o aktorów), I don't have my favorite either. So in fact I am giving you a free hand (daję ci wolną rękę) to decide. I am very agreeable (zgodny) when it comes to movies (jeśli chodzi o filmy)... 
Zdający: That's cool. Let's watch a comedy that is on (którą grają) this week! The cast (obsada) includes Eddie Murphy and a few other popular names. I think you won't regret (nie będziesz żałował) a minute of the film. 
Egzaminator: Sounds like fun (Brzmi nieźle). I like Eddie. I've seen him in a bunch of blockbusters (kasowe filmy).
Zdający: Fantastic! I suggest going to our local cinema. The film starts at three and five every afternoon this week. I guess it's the best time to watch something after a hard day's work (po ciężkim dniu pracy).
Egzaminator: Exactly. So when and where shall we meet?
Zdający: I think that it would be ideal if we met up (gdybyśmy się spotkali) fifteen minutes before the film in front of the cinema. The cinema is not that big so we'll see each other easily. 
Egzaminator: OK. Is there anything else we should talk about?
Zdający: Well, I guess so. We haven't talked about the tickets. We'll get them when we see each other before the film. So you think it is a good idea?
Egzaminator: I am not sure. What if the queue (kolejka) is big? Maybe I'll get there a bit earlier and buy the tickets before you come.
Zdający: Well, if you could be that kind (gdybyś był tak uprzejmy). I can't be earlier as I need to stay longer at school. But just on the off chance (na wszelki wypadek), let's agree that you will take care of (zająć się) the tickets.
Egzaminator: It's a deal (załatwione).
Zdający: Thanks. See you tomorrow then! Get ready for a good laugh! (Przygotuj się na niezły ubaw!) :)

Thank you.
Let’s move to Task 2.

Jeśli masz jakieś komentarze, uwagi, pytania lub sugestie do zaproponowanych przykładów rozmów na egzamin, czekam na nie z niecierpliwością i służę pomocą :) HTH Talk soon!

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