Thursday, March 22, 2012

조선민주주의인민공화국's tyrant...

Today I wanted to talk about North Korea's leader, i.e. Kim Jong-un, who I guess should be described as


Who is a tyrant? Well, it is a ruler who has absolute power and who rules cruelly and unjustly. In Polish wa have a very similar word and it is tyran. Am I wrong to call the man a tyrant? If so, please dispel my beliefs. Who is North Korea's next leader? This is Kim's youngest son - Kim Jong un (in his late 20s).

Why do I think Kim Jong un is another tyrant? Well, as far as I know North Korea's propaganda machine will traditionally do whatever it can (and it can do a lot...) to build up the same personality cult for Jong un that his father and late grandfather enjoyed. 

This means, the cult will be built by him acting in a more or less the same way as his predecessors, i.e by running large concentration camps, capturing political prisoners and tormenting their relatives, torturing and executing innocent people, forcing labor, esp. child labor and many others... 

How else can you call a person who does all these things? Calling such a man a tyrant is just being way too delicate.

The question is... Why nothing is done to change the situation of these poor people there? Why has this world been passively looking at the horror of North Koreans for so long knowing that all possible human rights are violated in that country? 

Take a look at a few documents to learn more about the incredibly hard life of the persecuted in North Korea:
Go and see some appalling images here.

Looking forward to your comments on this...


  1. I agree that he is a tyrant, even then that word seems too weak to describe the rules of this country. On the other hand he seems to have inherited the title rather than actually made the rules, (as his father actively did.)

    1. Thank you. Even if he inherited this horrific system, as a 20 year old man, who probably has some heart, conscience, and feelings, he should do whatever he can to change the misery of his people... don't you think?

  2. People grow up with certain mindsets and don't always have the resources of free-thinking, liberal role models around them to draw the same conclusions they do. I don't condone this type of tyranny in any form, but he may even think his way is the right way.


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