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MATURA USTNA Z ANGIELSKIEGO 2012 - Zadanie 1 - Przykładowa rozmowa - PAŃSTWO i SPOŁECZEŃSTWO

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Egzamin maturalny z języka angielskiego
Zadanie 1

Time: 3 minutes
Preparation: 30 seconds

Let’s start with Task 1. Read the task. You have about half a minute for that. Then we’ll start.

Can we start now?

Egzaminator: As you know I am writing an article on juvenile delinquency (przestępczość nieletnich). Tell me what the situation in Poland is please.

Zdający: Well, the most frequently committed crimes (popełniane przestepstwa) are vandalism (wandalizm), drunk-driving (jazda pod wpływem alkoholu) and shoplifting (drobne kradzieże sklepowe). What's more I am afraid these crime rates are growing and something should definitely be done about it. What we see, though, is that little is done to tackle (dotknąć) the problem of juvenile delinquency.

Egzaminator: I see. What about punishment? Shouldn't it deter (powstrzymywać) crime?

Zdający: Well, the truth is that the Polish system of law is not very effective and many youngsters get away with (unikać kary) a mere warning (ostrzeżenie) while, I think, they should be imprisoned or at least fined.

Egzaminator: So what are the types of punishment in Poland?

Zdający: Well, there are a few types, for example a fine (kara grzywny), or a term of imprisonment (areszt), but more often than not juveniles are simply sent to correction centers (poprawczak) or are granted a probation officer (kurator sądowy).

Egzaminator: I see. So what do you think the typical causes for juvenile delinquency are?

Zdający: Probably many... But what comes to my mind is lack of care (brak opieki) and love from family. I may also mention immaturity (niedojrzałość) of juveniles themselves. Lat but not least it could be bad influence from your the environment they live in.

Egzaminator: Oh, I see. Thank you having given me an insight in (wgląd w) the situation in Poland.

Thank you.

Let’s move to Task 2.

HTH Any comments? Talk soon!

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