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MATURA USTNA Z ANGIELSKIEGO 2012 - Zadanie 1 - Przykładowa rozmowa - ZDROWIE

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Ok, zerknijmy dzisiaj na kolejny zestaw. Tym razem jest to zestaw dot. tematu maturalnego ZDROWIE (kliknij na zestaw by powiększyć).

Zadanie 1
Time: 3 minutes
Preparation: 30 seconds

Let’s start with Task 1. Read the task. You have about half a minute for that. Then we’ll start.
Can we start now?
Egzaminator: Hi Aneta...  I see you look miserable today. What's wrong?
Zdający: Well, I have been suffering from (cierpię na) strange pain (dziwny ból) in my stomach and a headache for some time now... I don't know what's going on. I feel that I may have a temperature too.
Egzaminator: I see. It doesn't sound good. Are you taking any medicines?
Zdający: Nope. I am not taking anything as I don't really know which medicines to take. I guess I should go to a doctor to hear a diagnosis (usłyszeć diagnozę) and get a prescription (dostać receptę).
Egzaminator: Yes, absolutely. Didn't you have a pizza yesterday? Maybe it is the reason why you're feeling bad today.
Zdający: Yes, it's possible although I didn't feel there was anything wrong with that pizza. Maybe it's just a regular cold or something... I slept by an open window and felt cold so that could be the cause of my condition. But why should I have a stomach ache then? It's strange.
Egzaminator: Well, I guess there's no point guessing. It's better to see a doc. 
Zdający: Yes, you're right. If you agree, I would like to make an arrangement (umówić się) with my doctor for tomorrow. Therefore, if you agree, I would like to have a day off (dzień wolnego). Is it possible? I guess Tom may replace me tomorrow. He perfectly knows my duties here.
Egzaminator: Of course. Don' worry about tomorrow. Just see your doc and get well soon (szybko zdrowiej).
Zdający: Thanks.

Thank you.

Let’s move to Task 2.

HTH Talk soon!

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