Friday, March 9, 2012

Have you ever used a pawnbroker's services?

The word I wanted to talk about today is


Who's is that? Well, it is a person who will lend you money in return for an article you possess, e.g. a watch. In Polish, we call these guys 'właściciel zakładu zastawniczego' or 'właściciel lombardu'. Such a person has the right to sell the article if the money is not repaid within a certain time. In other words, it is a moneylender who takes property as security deposit.

My question is: "Have you ever used a pawnbroker's services?" What pledges (zastaw) did you leave with a pawnbroker? Do you think pawnbrokers are useful? Is there a pawn shop in your town?

Let me also give you a few nice Internet examples with this word:
  • Her father was a pawnbroker who ran a very profitable business.
  • Joe is a pawnbroker who seems to deal mainly in secrets – that is, he trades people's deepest, darkest secrets for cash.
  • ...his grandfather was a pawnbroker who started off as a cooper and carpenter originally, and they were all...
  • His target is a pawnbroker who rips off poor people to the advancement...
  • Supposedly, over a thousand years ago, there was a pawnbroker who helped someone.
  • Robert Miller was a pawnbroker who died in 1900. He had businesses in Saltcoats, Glasgow and Kilmarnock.
  • Madame is a pawnbroker who squeezes money from the poor by giving them very small amounts of money for their valuables which she is then...
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  1. I've never sold anything to a pawn shop, but there are many in my town. I've been inside a few, but nothing has ever caught my interest enough to purchase.

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