Sunday, March 18, 2012

Do you think you will be put out to pasture soon?

The other day during a class I was wondering how to express a situation when you make someone stop working at their job because they are too old to be useful to work more. I thought of a nice Polish phrase "wysłać kogoś na zieloną trawkę" and was wondering if there was a similar phrase in English... And you know what? There is! It sounds almost the same as in Polish:


The phrase is really useful and very popular. Take a look at some examples from the Internet:
  • Just put me out to pasture now. It became very apparent tonight that I'm old. I can't pretend that I'm not anymore.
  • It is time to put him out to pasture so that someone who actually understands the game of football and offensive tactics can call the plays for the Texas offense.
  • When they put me out to pasture I hope I fare better than Korrd." -James T. Kirk
  • Please don't put me out to pasture. I have lots of good years left. This vice president has reached retirement age.
  • This vice president has reached retirement age. It's time to put him out to pasture.
 Are you going to be put out to pasture? Would you like to be put out to pasture? What do you think of putting people out to pasture at the age of 67?   


  1. I am a native English speaker and I have never personally heard this phrase! What a great collection of words and expression of getting older. I hope I'm not put out to pasture anytime soon. ;)

    1. Well, even though I am native speaker of a totally different language I wouldn't be surprised to hear of a few phrases that I have never heard of :) Languages are so beautifully rich that it's hard to know all of them. I hope you will not be put out to pasture too soon :)

  2. I've heard the phrase, "being put out to pasture," all my life in reference to a person's being retired because of age. It's usually seen as a joke, but the issue is a serious one for the older person involved.

    1. And I do agree with you. It gets even more serious when you are elderly and still feel strong enough to do your job but - for some reason - your boss sends puts you out to pasture... Quite sad then although I myself feel sometimes like retiring now :)

  3. I hear the phrase seldom used but it is good to know in case it comes up in conversation. It is definitely not a phrase you want to hear somebody use about you!

    1. Right... unless you are offered a really nice golden handshake :)


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