Monday, March 12, 2012

Do lackeys irritate you at work?

Hi! Today I would love to focus on a beautiful English word

A LACKEY (sługus, pachołek)

Who is this? It is a person who probably irritates you in your workplace as it is a person who follows another person's orders completely without ever questioning them! In Polish such is a person is often called 'sługus' or 'pachołek'. I guess there are probably many people like this in every company. Well, sometimes you have no choice and have to do things, but in many other cases lackeys are lackeys because this is their way of life... or maybe this is their way of getting promoted... or maybe I am just wrong... If so, correct me :)


  1. Yes! They irritate me very much. People should be taught from a young age to question authority, even in the work place. Your boss is not always right!

  2. Yes, you're absolutely right. In fact, when someone is a lackey, s/he is probably not aware of the fact that behaving this way reduces her/his respect in the eyes of his/her boss. Besides it's a short lived strategy, isn't it?

  3. I've met plenty of people who are work place lackeys. Some of them fell into the role unwillingly, others sought it out. Either way I don't think it adds much to your resume in the long term!

  4. You're absolutely right. I am just wondering how is it possible that such people don't see how tragicomic they are. Would you say we should try to do something to make these guys aware of how they behave or should we just grin and bear it?


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