Thursday, March 15, 2012

Are you a boor?

Today, let's look at a 'fantastic' group of people, i.e. the boorish :) A representative of this group is just...


Who's this? Well, to put it simply, it is a person who behaves in a coarse and bad-mannered way. In Polish we call these guys 'gbur', 'cham' or 'prostak'. There are multitudes of such people around us. Why are they boorish? Well, there could be many reasons... This is not so important perhaps. What is important though, is to show these as much understanding as possible. It is often not their fault they are boorish :) So next time you come across a boor, just try to understand him/her and be just kind :)

A few examples from the Net:
  • Jeremy Clarkson is a boor, but he's only...
  • Obama is a boor because only a low class, rude person with no manners would reject the declaration of the Village elders in the media that ...
  • According to Noonan, Obama is a boor, because he's so in your face, all the time, with all his appearances on health care insurance reform.
  • He is a boor because he conceives himself to be intellectually superior and rather coyly presents to cover this, a cloak of excessive humility and modesty.
  • Fox News suggests Barack Obama is a boor because he doesn't play basketball with girls.
  • When Tom is around Myrtle he is a boor, because he brings up Myrtle's husband which he does in an attempt to remind her that she is nothing ...
To sum up, everybody is a boor to some extent so let's not feel superior to those whom we thought of as boors :) 

HOMEWORK: Leave a post with your short story on either your or someone else's boorishness :)

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