Thursday, March 22, 2012

Are you a bigot?

Let's talk about


Who is it? It is a person who has strong and often unreasonable opinions, especially about religion, race or politics, and is intolerant of those who do not share his/her opinions or beliefs. In Polish they are often called świętoszek or dewot :)

Take a look at some nice examples from the Net:
  • Sounds like a real bigot. I didn't realize having tattoos and piercings was unreasonable. Thanks for clearing that up, Jerry!
  • I know perfectly well that my words will never convince you because you are a real bigot and will never listen but to the fabulous superstitions ...
  • Her mother, who Rosalie describes "as a real bigot," made some bigoted remarks to Rand that ended the friendship between the mother and ...
  • Would you date a real bigot?
  • I am a "religious bigot," a self-avowed "religious bigot," and a proud one at that!
  • Archie Bunker was a bigot – and rightly laughed at for his bigotry.
  • If I thought he was a bigot, I wouldn't support him.
Are you a bigot? What do you think of these people? Is being a bigot a good or a bad thing? What is your opinion?      


  1. Bigots are definitely not people I want to be around. Most people who actually are bigots will not recognize themselves as such, however. In my opinion, bigotry comes in many forms.

    1. Thanks Toby. Are there many bigots around you?

  2. I have had encounters with individuals who are bigots and I simply cannot stand people who are intolerant of other ideas. I am not a confrontational person so when I'm with a bigot I just let him or her do the talking because sometimes there is no sense debating with them.


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