Friday, March 23, 2012

Are there many vandals in your area?

Another weekend has passed and young people were enjoying themselves a lot during the two magic days when they were 'painting the town red'. This is just an idiom, but in many cases it is a sad reality... What do I mean? Well, I just mean that there are many young people who, while intoxicated (pod wpływem) and on their way back, really paint the town red... either with paint or blood, destroy many things on their way and deliberately (celowo) damage public property or things belonging to other people, usually for no apparent reason (wyraźny powód)... What do you call a person who behaves like this?


In Polish we also have almost the same word, i.e. 'wandal'.In my area I often see many signs of vandalism, especially on Monday morning when I drive to work... It is so sad that many people do not respect other people's or public property.

What are the causes of vandalism? I guess the most common cause is just being under the influence... But in many cases, by destroying property vandals also demonstrate their racist or religious hatred (nienawiść). In many other cases it is just ill-founded jealousy (chora zazdrość), which is often the result of bad parenting. Sometimes people just are evil as they were born that way... When it comes to graffiti... it is slightly different, as vandals often think of themselves as 'rebellious artists' (buntowniczy artyści) and want to show their different point of view and be respected by their peers through acts of destroying property by leaving their graffiti in places they should stay away from. They often cut through fences, slip past security to mark their presence...

HOMEWORK: Are there many vandals in your area? How should the problem of vandalism be solved in your opinion? What are the typical acts of vandalism in your area? What are the causes of vandalism in your place of living?


  1. Isn't the term 'vandal' taken from an ancient group of people who behaved like hooligans? I hate to see wilful destruction of property. Where I live it is mostly trees and shrubbery that get attacked. I'm not sure why some folk have no respect for things that don't belong to them.

  2. Exactly. It it doesn't really matter whether these are shrubs or tress that are attacked. Nothing that is not yours should be vandalized. How should vandals be punished?


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