Saturday, February 11, 2012

What's your favorite day of the week?

The poll is closed now, and 60% of voters have selected Friday as their favorite day of the week! It is really interesting... My next question that comes no mind now is WHY? Why is Friday your favorite day of the week? After all you still have to work, school... The days that are off work are the weekend days, am I right? What made you choose Friday as the best day? Also, defenders of other days, please voice your opinions on your other favorite day of the week!

Since Friday is the winner :) Let's just focus on Friday for a second... Did you know that Piętaszek from Robinson Crusoe is called man Friday? Man Friday also refers to a person who is a devoted male employee; it's a man who is a personal assistant to someone and who does general office work, this person is trustworthy and efficient and is ready to attend faithfully to a diversity of tasks, in Polish we call such a guy 'człowiek od wszystkiego'. Many people, although quite illegitimately, are afraid of Friday the 13th (any day when the 13th day of the month is a Friday), this is called Black Friday. Last but not least, is Good Friday, which holy day which commemorates the day of Jesus' death on the cross. Talk soon!

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