Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Is it good to be prude?

Who is a prude? It is a person who is easily shocked by things relating to nudity or sex. Would you say you're a prude? In other words it is a pious (pobożny, nabożny) person but not necessarily in a positive way. I mean, it is a person who is self-righteous, i.e. being overly confident that one acts properly (obłudny, fałszywy). Prudes are often excessively modest (przesadnie skromni) and they often behave in an exaggeratedly proper manner. So being a prude is not really a compliment :) Just like lots of other English words, this one also comes from French and it used to refer to a 'wise woman'. Now, we know that the meaning of this word has lost its noble meaning and is used pejoratively.

So, I do hope you are not a prude but just open and honest :) Does anybody know more about this word? Please write! Talk soon.

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