Thursday, February 2, 2012

February Competition!

February has just started so I cordially invite you to take part in this month's competition! While we're waiting for the January Quiz winner let me just set the task for this month :)

Describe any event in your life that calls/called for celebration: for example, passing your driving test, getting your first car, getting a job, finishing an important course, passing an important exam, receiving an award for some exceptional achievement. Write a post describing the celebration. Looking forward to your posts till the end of February! Of course, there is a prize: an MP3 file with an English dialog.


  1. I would like to describe the time I won the "Łamigłowy" competition. I was on April 2011. I went with my familly to Starachowice, where it should have started. I was given a boarding pass and soon I was in a big room with lots of doors on the walls and fountain in the middle. I started to think where I should go.
    - to which door i must enter - I thought a little more scared. Then a lady was running towards me! She said:
    - WHY YOU ARE NOT IN YOU GROUP? - she asked full of anger
    - I don't know madam, I'm just thinking to whitch door...
    - YOU MUSTN'T THINK SO MUCH! SIT HERE AND WAIT FOR YOU TEST - she screamed and went out
    "Good heavens" I thought! I haven't seen such a noisy lady. Oh, I almost forgotten to tell you The competiton consisted of two parts: Polish language part and mathematical part. First was Mathematical part. It was very easy. It consisted of thirty questions. The second part was a bit more difficult, but still easy :D.
    When the same lady which shouted on my started to announce the results she stared at me all the time! She starten to announce from the last place. She said:
    - The third place "..."
    It wasn't me -.-
    - The second place "..."
    It wasn't me either!
    I started to fell awfully. So many kilometers tavelled and...
    - AND THE FIRST PLACE "CROWN" (My name and surname)
    I was really happy! I thanked her, and she gave me a wounderful radio :D
    Everybody congatulated me on winning such a "difficult" competition!
    I packed the radio the the car and I said:
    And this is the end of my "story" I hope you liked that ;D

  2. Thank you Crown! The story is really gripping :) I hope you will have someone to compete with here :)


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