Sunday, February 12, 2012

Do you play bridge?

On Friday I was talking to Robert, one of my friends, about the game he plays, i.e. bridge. I myself have never learnt how to play the game although I have always wanted to learn it. I remember that once I was even reading some book on 'how to play bridge'... I found it too difficult then and I gave up as I had no one to play with... Today I don't really want to learn the game but I thought I would take a look at the basic rules again. It's not my intention to teach anybody the game as I can't play it myself, but I would like to look at the rules for the sake of looking at the rules :) If you know the rules, please let me know :) I also want to ask you to write about the pleasures you get from playing this card game? Is it really worth trying? Why? Why not?

As I've learnt from Robert, bridge is played with a deck (talia) of 52 cards. We also need four people; there are two teams playing against each other. Of course, as we know, there are four suits (kolory) in cards: clubs (trefle), diamonds (karo), spades (piki) and hearts (kiery). As far as I remember (I play cards from time to time), there are 13 cards in each suit and in bridge, the deuce (dwójka) is the lowest card in the suit and the ace (as) is the highest.

I've read that first we need tot draw cards to select the person to deal the cards. Such a person is called the dealer (rozdający). The cards are distributed clockwise and face down, one at a time. Each player has to have a hand of 13 cards.

As far as I understand, the aim of the game consists in that each partnership tries to win as many tricks (lewa) as possible.I know, there is also something called bidding (licytacja) but I have no idea what you bid and why and how? Robert also told  me there are some various value contracts in the game...

The rest I don't know :) So, if you know more, please write here about the rules of the game and tell me why it is such an exciting game - as I heard from Robert... Talk soon!

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