Friday, February 17, 2012

Do you often escape into the world of shopping?

I guess many people would say 'yes' to this question. Let's talk about shopping for a while. How do you usually pay for your shopping? Is it by credit card (kartą kredytową) or in cash (gotówką)? Some shops do not accept (nie akceptuje) credit cards and then you need to find the nearest cash dispenser (BrE)/ATM (AmE) (bankomat) to withdraw (pobrać) some cash. What do you buy most often apart from food? Is this household equipment (AGD) or maybe household detergents (środki czystości)? How often do you visit your bakery (piekarnia) or cake shop (cukiernia)? I myself do the shopping every second day. I just don't like taking too many things in advance (na zapas). Looking forward to your posts! Talk soon :)

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