Monday, February 13, 2012

Do you like sightseeing?

I do! Whenever I can, I go sightseeing (zwiedzanie). The first thing you need to do, you need to check when a particular tourist attraction is open, so you need to check its opening hours (godziny otwarcia) and visiting hours (godziny zwiedzania). You should also find out when the last entry is (ostatnie wejście) or when the next guided tour is (następne wejście z przewodnikiem). The sad thing is you need to visit a place called 'ticket office' (kasa biletowa) to get yourself a ticket. Sometimes tickets are cheaper if you buy advance tickets (bilety w przedsprzedazy). It may also happen that tickets are sold out (wyprzedane) and you need to go somewhere else. Many people are happy when admission is free (wstęp bezpłatny). After each visit people usually go to a souvenir shop (sklep z pamiątkami) and leave a lot of money there! When sightseeing you need to watch out for such notices as 'No flash photography!' (Zakaz robienia zdjęć z lampą błyskową!) or 'No filming!' (Zakaz filmowania!) as if you don't adhere to (dostosować się do) the regulations you may simply be shown the door :) So tell us about your adventures as a sightseer!

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