Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Are you fed up with snow?

The story of a Swedish man having survived two months in a snow-buried car has been quite popular recently. It's amazing how that guy was able to survive in his car for such a long time without food and in temperatures reaching -30 C! The story motivates me today to talk about a few snowy expressions...

  • blinding snow - roziskrzony śnieg
  • snow-bound - unieruchomiony śniegiem
  • snow bank - zaspa śnieżna

However, my favorite expression is snow job. The phrase could be translated as 'mydlenie oczu' or 'bajerowanie' in Polish. It is mostly an American expression but it is worth remembering it as it is very popular in everyday communication. 

A few examples:
  • His excuse was a real snow job.
  • The presentation he gave us last Tuesday was a snow job.
  • I know that whatever he was saying was a snow job.
  • When we hear that the PM is worried about his citizens, we know we're getting the usual snow job.
Do you like snow? Are you fed up with it this winter? Have you done a snow job on anybody recently? Talk soon! 

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