Saturday, February 25, 2012

Are you delinquent?

Today I want to begin a series of posts which would be devoted to different types of people... Each post will focus on one adjective describing a person. The word for today is


This is usually a young person who has broken the law. It is not a very problematic word for Poles learning English as we have a very similar word in Polish, i.e. delikwent. We can also translate this word as 'osoba naruszająca prawo' or 'winowajca'. What is interesting, this word is also used as an adjective and means 'przestępczy', 'winny przestepstwa' or 'zalegający z zapłatą'.

There are also a few nice phrases connected with the word 'delinquent'. Let's take a look at some of them:
  • delinquent by birth - urodzony przestępca
  • delinquent juvenile - młodociany przestępca
  • delinquent payment - zaległa płatność
  • delinquent tax - zaległy podatek
  • supposed delinquent - domniemany winowajca
Talk soon!

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