Friday, January 13, 2012

Everybody loves irregular verbs!

No może przesadziłem... ale nieregularne nie są takie straszne. Wygrzebałem dzisiaj kilka stron, gdzie można skoczyć i poćwiczyć nieregularne :)

Linki do list czasowników nieregularnych:


And what are the most problematic irregular verbs for you? Do you have any questions concerning irregulars? Let's share our experiences :)


  1. The funniest thing when it comes to irregular verbs is teaching them. Or rather explaining that it is somewhat unpleasant necessity for students. Do you know any ways to facilitate acquiring irregular verbs?

  2. Sure! You just need to practice using them! :) I remember that I was learning them this way... First I numbered all the irregular verbs then put them all into a box and drew one each morning. My task was to learn it by heart on that day. In no time and without much effort I learnt all the most important irregular verbs. It is said that one can learn up to seven words a day... This means you also have some room for learning some six other words or phrases :) Which irregular verb is the most difficult for you? I have always had problems with LIE and LAY...


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