Saturday, January 28, 2012

Are you suffering from cold in the head?

Well... I am. It all started yesterday in the evening... very innocently... with just a few sneezes... It's really painful as I was to go to our local radio station 'Radio OKO' for an interview with Jakub Rutka... But... when I woke up today I felt like I was going to die... runny nose (cieknący nos) and shivers... So... we may say I have a cold (mieć przeziębienie). I really don't know how I caught that cold (złapać przeziębienie)... I guess it's just the time of year... Today I feel even worse and I have this cold in the head (katar powodujący uczucie otępienia). It's a disaster... let's hope it will end soon.

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